Forget the clichéd interior dribble using terms such as “clean lines” to describe a trending minimalistic-modern space, because what’s hot in 2018? The disruptive interior style that is MAXIMALISM. The tight minimalism grip that has dominated our interior lives for the past decade could very well be loosening. Embracing the embellished and bold patterns in […]

Texture – A Touching Experience

Most homeowners aspire to create interiors that are not just stylised, but homely. A home that feels inhabited, warm and expressed with materials and objects that reflect individuality and personal preference. Interior decorators have long used textured wallpaper as a ‘go to’ solution for achieving intimate cosy zones with soul. Of course, much can be […]

The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Interior Style

Describing and defining your personal interior style can be somewhat daunting to decipher. Wallpaper is no exception. We flick through interior magazines peering at glossy pages of attractive room sets of varying design styles and at times, we are presented with an aesthetic that appeals to our personal design sensibility. What we see is a manifestation of our […]